S 1000 RR
An icon among superbikes.

from 840,000 THB


R 1200 RT
Infinite riding pleasure.

from 1,260,000 THB

K 1600 B
Take a relaxed cruise anytime.

from 1,450,000 THB

K 1600 GT
Wanderlust on two wheels.

from 1,550,000 THB

K 1600 GTL
Luxury travel. First-class arrival.

from 1,695,000 THB

K 1600 Grand America
Luxury Touring Bike. Pure riding pleasure

from 1,695,000 THB


G 310 R
Intense riding pleasure.

from 209,000 THB

F 800 R
The modern all-rounder.

from 535,000 THB

S 1000 R
Uncompromising dynamics.

from 675,000 THB

R 1200 R
Roadster feeling in perfection.

from 1,120,000 THB


R nineT
Unmistakable. Original. Air-cooled.

from 1,110,000 THB

R nineT Pure
Pure. Reduced. Air-cooled.

from 880,000 THB

R nineT Racer
Unwavering. Dynamic. Air-cooled.

from 975,000 THB

R nineT Scrambler
Honest. Untamed. Air-cooled.

from 950,000 THB

R nineT Urban G/S
Eye-catching. Powerful. Air-cooled.

from 975,000 THB


G 310 GS
Everyday adventures.

from 229,000 THB

F 700 GS
The GS Feeling for Everyone.

from 485,000 THB

F 800 GS
On and off-road have never been so close.

from 550,000 THB

F 800 GS Adventure
Enduro for globetrotters.

from 699,000 THB

S 1000 XR
Explore the world. Faster than ever.

from 895,000 THB

R 1200 GS
An icon among travel enduros.

from 975,000 THB

R 1200 GSAdventure
Tight grip on adventure.

from 1,075,000 THB

Urban Mobility

C 650 GT
Travel effortlessly through the urban jungle.

from 565,000 THB

C 650 Sport
More torque every day.

from 535,000 THB